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10 Unique Things to do on Magnetic Island

Planning to travel or currently travelling along the beautiful East Coast of Australia, and wondering if you should add Magnetic Island to that bucket list of yours? The answer is YES! Magnetic Island is just a short 20 minute ferry ride from Townsville and is paradise itself. The island is an oasis of relaxation, but thereโ€™s also LOTS to explore!

Stay at Magnetic Island YHA aka Bungalow Bay Koala Village

Magnetic Island YHA

First of all, find yourself a shelter on the island. If you are after the real deal and seek an authentic island experience, Magnetic Island YHA is the way to go. The hostel is situated amongst large shady trees, only a six minutes’ walk from the coast of Horseshoe Bay and home to koalas, birds, bearded dragons, crocodiles, a python and a wombat. It’s also often visited by the local friendly wallabies. Magnetic Island YHA is Eco Accredited and has played a vital role by setting up and sponsoring the wildlife rescue of sick, injured and orphaned native animals on the island.  The hostel gives guests the incredible opportunity to get close to the animals, to learn about them and how to protect them. If you haven’t seen much wildlife in Australia, yet, here is your chance!

Check out Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay

Walk down the road and check out Horseshoe Bay and its coast line. The bay provides a great swimming enclosure and offers a range of restaurants, cafes and bars. Feeling adventurous?  Find an array of equipment hire options along the shores of Horseshoe Bay, including kayaks, stand up paddle boards, jet skis, tube riding and more! Ask at Magnetic Island YHA reception for more information.

Go Horse Riding at Horseshoe Bay

Okay, now this isn’t super cheap, but where else can you ride through native bushland, cross creeks, spot wallabies and koalas, ride along the beach and even go for a swim with your horse? All you need are comfortable trousers and closed in shoes, and your swimmers underneath your clothes if you wish to ride your horse in the sea!

Go Topless!

No, not you! Time to find out what the island is all about! There is public transport on Magnetic Island, but if you want to add some flexibility and fun to your adventure, grab your friends and hire one of Magnetic Island’s famous Barbie-like topless cars! This way, you can explore the island’s walking tracks and 23 bays and beaches at your own place, without having to keep that bus timetable in the back of your mind!

Explore the Forts Walk

Forts Walk

Okay, we know you had the most amazing time in your Barbie car, but it’s time to move those legs of yours and get off the beaten track! Well, not exactly, this track actually looks somewhat beaten. Forts Walk is one of the most popular walking tracks on Magnetic Island and takes you roughly 1.5 hours. If you haven’t seen a wild koala, this is a good opportunity to spot one! The track also leads to fascinating historic WWII fortifications and ruins, and rewards you with the most beautiful views of Bowling Green Bay National Park in the south and of the Palm Island group in the north.

Arthur Bay and Arthur Bay Lookout

Arthur Bay is only a short walk from Forts Walk and the perfect place for lunch and a swim! Relax on the beach or snorkel around fringing coral reef. No snorkel gear? No worries, Magnetic Island YHA offers snorkel gear hire, including masks, fins and stinger suits! After a relaxed time on the beach, check out Arthur Bay Lookout, another great walk that rewards you with even greater views, and that perfect Insta shot!

Visit the Wallabies at Arcadia

Keen to see more wildlife? Head to Geoffrey Bay in the late afternoon and spot dozens of rock wallabies right in front of you! You might have heard that people feed the wallabies. It’s always better not to feed wildlife, but if you absolutely can’t help it, make sure you only feed them wallaby-friendly food, such as carrots, apples or wallaby pellets.

Feed the Fish at Bremner Point

Well, while you are at Arcadia, take the opportunity to feed the fish at Bremner Point! Make sure you bring some bread along!

Have a Drink at Magnetic Island YHA's Deck Bar

Magnetic Island YHA Deck Bar

Time to head back to your hostel and relax. Finish off a day of adventures with a drink on the deck bar. Mingle with other guests and check out what's happening on the island, to help make your stay amazing. A perfect way to end a perfect day!

Night Vision Walking Tours

Night Vision Tours

Still not tired? Join Magnetic Island Night Vision Tours. Put on some night vision goggles and search for nocturnal animals, such as ringtail and brush tail possums, owls or nightjars, just to name a few. There is no better way to explore wildlife than in their natural environment!


Ready to add this beauty of an island to your bucket list? Book your stay at Magnetic Island YHA and start your adventure!

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