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10/10 would pat

There’s oodles of cultural, historical, and impactful reasons to visit our fair nation’s capital, but none as important as visiting Alpaca Magic and petting donkeys for an hour and a half.

Pet donkeys with Canberra City YHA

Here’s some nice information for you. Donkeys come in multiple sizes – regular sized, miniature sized, and micro-sized (aka foals). Donkeys love to follow humans around, giving us playful and affectionate nudges along the way; all the while most probs nibbling at your clothes and extremities. And, there's a donkey-centric heaven where you can experience it all for yourself just a stones' throw from Canberra. 

I’m sold. Please take me now.

All of this is discoverable through a truly delightful visit to Alpaca Magic  (if you’re having a rough day just look at their Insta and all will be well in the world once again) – just a 20 minute drive from Canberra City YHA. Mark our words, Canberra will soon be rebranded to the Donkey capital of the country. And beyond. 

    Canberra City YHA
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    Canberra City YHA
    Whether you're travelling solo or with family there are plenty of attractions to keep you busy in Canberra. Located just 5 minutes from the interstate bus terminal.
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