A Bed In Every Festival Port

This - right here - is the ticket to your best festival season ever! We've matched up some of the best festivals around Australia with our awesome (and cheap) YHA accommodation to keep you travelling to the beat of your own drum.

These incredible festivals are touring the country this summer and we've got your bed in every port.  So what are you waiting for - pack your glitter, book your beds and don't forget your tickets - it's going to be a wild ride.


Falls Festivals

28 Dec - 7 Jan

See the New Years in with your best mates; past, present and future, in stunning locations around the country.

Stay here: Apollo Bay - Hobart - Byron Bay - Fremantle

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Let Them Eat Cake - Melbourne

Field Day - Sydney

1 Jan

When 2017 is so yesterday, it's time to party like it's 2018

Stay here: Melbourne - Sydney


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FOMO Festivals

6-13 Jan

One Stage. No Clashes. Party Together

Stay here: Adelaide - Brisbane - Melbourne - Sydney

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Laneway Festivals

2 - 11 Feb

5 cities, a truckload of bands; and YOU!

Stay Here: Adelaide - Brisbane - Fremantle - Melbourne - Sydney

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Electric Gardens

19 - 27 Jan

Fat Boy Slim! 'nuff said

Stay Here: Adelaide - Brisbane - Perth - Sydney


BARGAIN ALERT - Grab a multi night accom pack to use around the country and stay for as little as $28 per night

Now all you have to do is share you festival pics with us on #YHAOz and Make Your Mates Jealous!

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