Kitties and coffee

By 2015, Japan was home to 58 cat cafes, and the term had been officially recognised in the online Oxford Dictionary of English; so it’s really about time we got a few scattered around the country. Welcome to the table, Australia. It may have some cat hair on it.

From Ljubljana to Taiwan, fans of felines have thrown their names on waitlists to be given the honour of slurping coffee and scratching kitties. The crux of the café differs from country to country – with the USA having a much stronger focus on the adoption of their resident cats, whereas Japan’s furry fascination arises from strict household pet laws – meaning ladies and gents of the purrsuasion need to pay an entry fee to get their feline fix as they can’t have kitties at home. These bundles of fluff and joy in the form of a café tend to have shared visions: that of animal welfare, and human happiness. Oh, and coffee.

And what about Australia, you ask? We’ve got not one but three Cat Café’s dusted around our nation’s perimeter – Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Cat Café Melbourne

The first cat café in the land downunder! A few dazzling souls pioneered Cat Café Melbourne in 2014 out of pure love and passion for cats. Spanning two floors, the cats can access both the ground floor lounge area and the first floor café area with their own little staircase. As you do.

Kitties here aren’t up for adoption, but they certainly are up for pats. Many pats.

Catmosphere Sydney

Catmosphere Café

These crazy cats flip ownership and suggest it’s the cats observing us humans in our natural habitat – and we’re here for it. Their Kitten Cadet program is the centre of their business, and sees customers leaving both caffeinated and catt-inated. That means they focus on adoption – if the cat puns are getting a little too cumbersome. Of course, if you’re not in the market for a new kitty you can always enjoy coffee and cookies with the little catstronauts, and leave feeling relaxed and with a sudden case of hayfever.



Animal welfare is at the heart of this Cat Café, a self-proclaimed sanctuary to all! The 12 residents were rescued from Cat Haven, and part of all proceeds go toward specific animal welfare movements and charities. So, you can have your cat-shaped cake and eat it too, chuffed with the knowledge that you’re part of something bigger. And fluffier.

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