Dark Mofo 2017

Dance, sing, watch, swim, eat, talk and laugh at this uniquely Tasmanian festival.

 Dark Mofo Dinner Photos: Tourism Tasmania and Adam Gibson


What do you get when you combine live music, art, movies, a nude swim, a cruise liner, the Tasmanian winter, and the winter solstice? Dark Mofo, that's what.


A celebration of everything that makes Tasmania quirky, funky and cool, Dark Mofo is about losing your inhibitions, partying hard and appreciating the weird and the unique in art and music. Think 14 days of art and performance exhibitions challenging everything you've ever known, live music ranging from death metal bands to symphony orchestras and movies that'll have you jumping in your seat. 

Dark Mofo Fire

Take the opportunity to purge and cleanse yourself by giving voice to your deepest, darkest fears on a piece of paper before feeding it to the wolf shaped ogoh-ogoh demon. Later on, the ogoh-ogoh and all your fears will be up in flames. If you're feeling brave, join in the nude swim on the winter solstice and feel the bite of the Tasmanian waters.


Make sure you're in Hobart from 8 - 21 June for this wickedly awesome festival. Plus, we have an awesome Dark Mofo special to make your time at the festival just that little bit easier - 2 nights accommodation and free brekkie every morning!

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