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East Coast Fo' Free

Life, death, taxes, and travel expenses: unavoidable. Luckily, there's tonnes of free stuff to do up and down the East Coast, and we made a list to prove it. We're good like that.

Disk Golf in Thredbo

Get golfed in Thredbo

Beer in hand, a sun-bathed evening, a coupl’a pals and a nail-biting game of Disc Golf. This one is bound to get more competitive than Monopoly, kids. Rent your kit from Thredbo YHA reception and play nicely. 

Sangria in Canberra

Sangria and songs in Canberra

I’m sure we had you at sangria, but we’ll continue talking anyway. Head over to the banging Pheonix Bar for some live music.  

Walk the Blue Mountains

Two feet and a heartbeat in the Blue Mountains

From above, the Mountains look like they have thousands of little veins stitching them together, but in actual fact each and every winding road is a bushwalk waiting to be taken. By you. Chat to Blue Mountains YHA staff about the best self-guided walk for you, and hit the road.

Picnic in the Park

The Great YHA Picnic in the Park in Sydney 

On Tuesday evenings throughout Summer you’ll find a happy go-lucky group of pals sunning, drinking, munching and laughing themselves through the hours in the Botanical Gardens. These folk are from Railway Square YHA, Sydney Central YHA and Sydney Harbour YHA, and’ll be heading to World Bar for the after-party once the sun sets and the snacks are done. 


Sand Dunes

Get sandy in Port Stephens

The sand dunes of the Worimi Conservation Area are yours for the taking! Make sure to stay ‘til late for the most incredible sunset of your life, then retreat 'home' - Port Stephens YHA. You’ll be finding sand in places you never knew existed. 


Big Banana

Big ba-na-na, ooh-na na na na

Experience one of Australia’s cultural phenomenons: The Big Banana. We can’t really explain this country’s fascination for big things, but maybe you could once you’ve gone?

Cape Byron Lighthouse 

Get a new perspective in Byron

Toddle on up to the Cape Byron Lighthouse with the Cape Byron YHA crew on Tuesdays and Fridays. The banter and the view from the top’ll make you forget all about the cardio you just endured. 


Brisbane City YHA


Vin et fromage in Brisbane

We don’t see nothin’ wrong with a little wine and cheese. Take to the poolside tooftop, watch over the twinkling city and partake in some vino and snacks every Wednesday at Brisbane City YHA. 



Sun salutations in 1770
Did ya know that 1770 is famous for it’s wonderful sunsets, and is in fact one of only four places on the East Coast that you can watch the sunrise and set over the ocean? And that you can stay there?! Thanks 1770 YHA.

Cedar Creek Falls

Chasing waterholes in Airlie Beach

The Cedar Creek Falls are a short ten minute drive from Airlie Beach YHA, and offer spectacular views of the falls and a great fresh water swimming hole. Lush. 

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YHA acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia. We acknowledge and pay our respects to Elders past, present, emerging and the extended Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community.