Forget what Mum taught you and cry over Spilt Milk

The ledgen-dairy festival pours onto Canberra on 17 November, and we’re here for it. Literally - we’ve got beds (and showers!) a mere 14 minute stroll from the magic.

 Spilt Milk Festival

Childish Gambino. Skeggs. The Wombats. Hayden James. Jack River.

We could keep writing in staccato for days since this line up redefines the word ‘epic’. But, we won’t, because that wouldn’t be an efficient use of our time, nor yours. Instead, friends, we’ll tell you that this sold-out event is one of our very favourites of the year, and whilst all the info you could ever fancy is found here - we want to chat about beds.

Because we have them! A lot of them! 14 minutes’ walk away from the festival. Proof below:

 Canberra map

That means you can wake up fresh the morning of, meander your way over to Commonwealth Park to dance until your heart is beyond content, then keep on boogie-ing back to Canberra City YHA for a warm shower and a good, long sleep. We’ve got a range of Multishare beds and private Ensuite rooms depending on how much you wanna treat yo’self, plus a sauna, spa, and killer rooftop.

Sold? Thought so. Book your bed here and we’ll see ya at Peking Duk!

Image credit: Oztix
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