Know where you're sleeping this falls

One of our favourite music festivals, Falls Festival, touches downs in not one, but two locations where there’s a YHA.

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If right now you’re clutching your Falls Festival ticket (Fremantle tickets on sale NOW!) in your hot little hands but haven’t organised your sleeping situation yet because pfft you’ve got your ticket, you’ll worry about all that other stuff later – we have an easy, no-camping solution for you that takes no time to organise.

Byron Bay YHACape Byron YHA and Fremantle Prison YHA all have top notch facilities for you to relax and clean up in after a long day of festival shenanigans. When your other option is trying to sleep on a deflated air mattress in a cramped tent with your mate Dave who reeks after not showering for a few days, we know what we would choose. 

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Shuttles will be running from Byron Bay to North Byron Parklands where Falls is so you don’t have to worry about resorting to paper, scissors, rock to figure out who's the designated driver. In Freo, the situation is even better - Falls Festival will be rocking out along Parry St and at Fremantle Oval which is literally on the doorstep of Fremantle Prison YHA. You can go from partying at Falls to asleep in your bed in less than 5 minutes. If that’s not a win, we don’t know what is. 

Beds have already started to book up in all 3 hostels, so chat with your pals ASAP and book your bed today!  

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Nearby Hostels

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    Byron Bay - Byron Bay YHA
    Byron Bay YHA Backpackers Hostel is just a short walk to the city centre. Large comfortable common areas, lush swimming pool and cruisy BBQ area make it the perfect spot to relax.
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    Byron Bay - Cape Byron YHA
    Cape Byron YHA is a purpose-built YHA hostel in the centre of town, just 200m to the beach and main bus stop.
    per night
    Fremantle Prison YHA
    Fremantle Prison YHA is the only hostel in WA with world heritage status - a 19th century prison that’s been converted into modern accommodation for adventurous backpackers.