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Surviving the Silly Season YHA Style

Tis the season of travelling long distance to see friends and family, worming your way through crowds of people wherever you go and did I mention the insane traffic?! Well, it’s not all bad news because we’ve addressed 5 of the biggest silly season dilemmas and pinpointed a few of our fabulous YHA properties to sort out all your troubles.

Your dream December holiday locations await!


1)    Beat the Heat

  • Situation: as much as some people love cruising the beach and getting that bronzed glow, not everyone is so keen on the whole ‘skin cells in trauma' thing!
  • We’ve got you: beat the heat this summer and take off to the Snowy Mountains for a few days. Thredbo YHA has everything you need to escape the summer heat and experience alpine Australia. Out with the summer heat and in with the bushwalking, scenic hiking, bike tracks and much more in breathtaking Thredbo.


2)    Traffic Jam

  • Situation: nothing worse than a flippin traffic jam - cars stacked bumper to bumper, headlights in your eyes, horns blaring and people with anger issues in the form of 'chronic road rage'.
  • We’ve got you: Pittwater YHA is only accessible by ferry and is the perfect location for those wanting to get away from the city without actually leaving Sydney. Nestled in Ku-ring-gai National Park the property feels so far away from everything else in the world – no traffic, no worries.


3)    Dollar Dollar Bill Y'all

  • Situation: one present, another present, another present - It’s a slippery slope and money quite literally starts to disappear before your eyes in December. Especially since the Christmas shopping adventure for your Sister turned into ‘treat yo self-2018’.
  • We’ve got you: the ultimate Christmas present to explore wherever you desire can be purchased through us in the form of an ePack! Our pre-paid accommodation bundles allow you to lock in a set rate for a set number of nights. Looking to hit 3 Capital Cities in 10 Days? Grab a ’15 Night’ ePack and the cost of accommodation is locked in at $28. Can I get a hell yeah?!


4)    Personal Space Bubble Pls?!

  • Situation: when you’re after a little ‘RnR’ and instead have crowds of annoying holidaymakers getting all up in your grill! NOT IDEAL.
  • We’ve got you: Blue Mountains YHA offers a tranquil and calming environment with spacious accommodation and daytime activities to keep the RnR vibes flowing.


5)    Festive Noise

  • Situation: when people get a little too merry around festive season and you have an early start for work the next morning… triggered is an understatement.
  • We’ve got you: if escaping the festive noise is on the cards for you, look no further than Nimbin Rox YHA. The property is an island of tranquillity in the tropical gardens amidst the magical Nimbin Valley. Hang out in a hammock, cool off in the tropical pool, enjoy rainforest walks, or take the free YHA shuttle into town.

Book your YHA Christmas getaway now because even if these dramas haven’t quite kicked off yet, they’re just around the corner.

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