The People's Poncho

Biking, walking, festival-ing, exploring and living are all pretty cool. Getting wet ain’t. Luckily The People’s Poncho has you covered, and we’ve scored our members a killer discount!

The People's Poncho

Ever tried cycling in the rain? The future People's Poncho team did, for years, as UK residents (where the only sane form of transport is your bike, or share tubes with lots of angry commuters!), and didn’t like it very much. Inspired by the effortlessly stylish yet incredibly efficient Chinese design, the team developed a lightweight, aesthetic, affordable poncho.

But by golly did this business grow! No longer just used for wet weather biking, the People’s Poncho community have taken these bad boys for a spin whilst hiking the world, partying ‘til dawn at festivals around the globe, exploring the highest highs and the lowest lows – this poncho will make its way around the world with you.

The golden team have given our members free shipping worldwide plus a 10% discount on top of that – cool of them, huh? Just suse YHAPONCHO at online checkout to redeem, and make sure to post a pic with #thepeoplesponcho to connect to the global, intrepid, weather-appropriate community.


YHA Australia x

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