Thredbo 2019 June Weekly Special!

Thredbo 2019 Ski Season kicks off on Saturday, June 8 (on a long weekend, might we add!), and the Snow Sports New Instructor Training Clinic is scheduled for June 22-25 – so, what better time for Thredbo YHA to announce their hectic June Weekly Deal?

Thredbo Ski Seaon 2018

Affordable accommodation right in the village.

Whether you’ve decided to turn away from all responsibilities and live the dream life as a Thredbo ski instructor, or just wanna spend a long weekend (or more) on the slopes before all the mid-season craziness drops – we commend you on your good decision! Now, keep those good decisions flowing and take advantage of Thredbo YHA’s June Weekly Rate!

Accommodation at Thredbo YHA

Located at the literal foot of the mountain Thredbo YHA has all the comforts of home – mulled wine, marshmallows on the fire and board games, to boot – as well as free Wi-Fi, linen and hyper-good-looking staff. Stay a week or more and you’ll score your bed at a price so hot it could melt the tallest snowfalls – and that’s hot.

Thredbo YHA

Unrivalled prices at Thredbo YHA.

The special is only valid from June 1-30, and we’re telling ya, this baby is the best value and best location you’ll find in the village. Forget shuttle buses, forget ridiculous hotel prices, forget your last name – simply book yourself in and pat yourself on the back for making one hell of a good decision.

Get in QUICK, for that magical snow trip you most definitely need!

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