Vagaband for the Vagabonds!

Not all those who wander's medical records are lost! Vagaband - the travel wristband for world explorers - is here to keep you safe and well whilst wandering.


World travel is cool. Festivals are cool. Running off on an adventure with new pals, leaving your old ones behind in the mosh pit is cool. But, what isn't cool is throwing your medical and personal information to the wind when you're doing one (or all!) of the above. 

Here enters Vagaband - the revolutionary Medical ID bracelet slash travel diary that sits 'round your wrist and puts your Mum's worries at ease. Fill out your medical information on one side, and use the other to jot down your new mate's name, that song you loved or that ideal travel tip you were given last night at the bar. With locational-specific, translated bands for most countries; you'll end up with the most personal travel souveniers imaginable; and be able to be looked after if anything goes awry (touch wood it doesn't!). 

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Image credit: Vagaband
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