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Why you should hostel this festival season

This festival season don’t head out to the shed to dig out your old tent and crappy blow up mattress, just grab your phone and book you and your mates a bed at the nearest YHA. Why? Well, just read on…


Staying at YHA means you’ll actually get sleep

A bed in a dorm room sounds like heaven compared to a blow up mattress that’s definitely past its use by date. You know the ones – you find yourself sinking in the middle until you’re basically on the ground and you can feel all the sticks and stones that lie beneath your tent. Before you know it, it’s 6am and you’ve had no sleep and your back hurts.

Stay in a dorm with your mates and you’ll all be in sleeping bliss! Or if you feel like splurging and going a little fancy, get yourself a private room where you don’t have to listen to your mate Dave snoring at night.

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Staying at YHA means people won’t wrinkle their nose when you walk by

Festivals breed smelly people. There’s always never enough showers and the lines are longer than the lines for sales on Boxing Day. Some people do the baby wipe shower, but for others this isn’t enough or they don’t bother. You can practically see the odour lines wafting off them. Even flies avoid them. Don’t be that person.

Hostels have showers – glorious, glorious showers with hot water, privacy and everything. You’ll be clean as a whistle and looking fine for a full day of partying.



Staying at YHA means no sneaking in booze

Some music festivals have a strict ‘no alcohol in the campsite’ rule. And while your mate Jess is a bloody genius and overall queen at sneaking in booze into no go zones undetected, wouldn’t it just be easier to be able to walk through the door with your own alcohol, no questions asked?

We love a cheeky bev or two at YHA. Many of our hostels host pub crawls, rooftop parties, beer pong competitions and wine and cheese nights so you know your goon sack won’t be ‘confiscated’ (sculled by the power hungry security guy who took it from you).

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Staying at YHA means no getting lost in the middle of the night

Have you ever been camping, needed to pee in the middle of the night when it’s pitch black and when you leave the port-a-potty you cannot for the life of you remember which row your tent was in because you left your phone/torch in your tent? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Half an hour later you manage to stumble back into your tent after walking into about 10 wrong ones beforehand and you can’t unsee some things...

When you need to pee in the middle of night at YHA, you’ll only need to walk down a corridor at most. Just don’t forget your room key to get back in!


    Melbourne Central YHA
    Melbourne Central YHA
    Hip, cool and very Melbourne, Melbourne Central YHA is a trendy travellers hostel located in the heart of the city.
    Adelaide Central YHA
    Adelaide Central YHA
    Located right in the centre of the city, Adelaide Central YHA is only a 7-minute walk to Adelaide Central Market and a short bus ride to Adelaide Festival Centre and Adelaide Zoo.
    Fremantle Prison YHA
    Fremantle Prison YHA
    Fancy a historic and unique stay? Fremantle Prison YHA backpackers hostel has what you are after - if you’re feeling brave, sleep in an actual prison cell!
    Byron Bay - Byron Bay YHA
    Byron Bay - Byron Bay YHA
    Looking for the perfect place to relax? Byron Bay YHA is a tropical oasis - central to cafes, restaurants, local bars and Byron Beach.
    Sydney Central YHA
    Sydney Central YHA
    Our heritage-listed building, opposite Central Station, is ideally positioned near the Sydney Airport Train line, Darling Harbour, Chinatown and the Powerhouse Museum.
    Brisbane City YHA
    Brisbane City YHA
    An award winning travellers' hostel, Brisbane City YHA is close to Suncorp Stadium, Roma St Transit Centre, South Bank, the Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland Museum. Oh, and did we mention that we have a pool overlooking the Brisbane River?
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