Winter in Tasmania Rocks!

If you think Winter is nothing but a cold, grey opportunity to hibernate, then winter in Tasmania is going to have you thinking again.

Dark Mofo Fire

Tasmanians see Winter as a time for adventure, bonfires, festivals, food, mystery, whiskey and oh, so much more.  So pack your scarves and your pom-pom beanie and head to the Apple Isle for a whimsical, exciting and at-times mind-bending winter experience.


Dark MOFO – 8-21 June 2017

The jewel in Tasmania’s flaming winter crown, Dark MOFO celebrates winter in ways so wild, whacky and, sometimes challenging, that you’ll never see Winter in the same way again.  Swim nude in the icy Derwent River on the shortest day of the year, feast en masse and feel yourself warm from within and keep your mind and eyes open for the phenomenal fire, art, light and performances throughout the festival.  


Huon Valley Mid-Winter Fest  

Huon Valley Mid Winter Festival – 14-16 July

Have you ever sung to an apple tree whilst banging pots and pans by firelight?

The Huon Valley Mid Winter Festival invites you to assist in this ages-old tradition of wassailing to  help scare the ‘nasties’ out of the apple orchard’s cider trees to ensure a bumper crop. So, you guessed it, there’ll be cider a-plenty, alongside music to keep you dancing, fires to keep you warm and crazily costumed people to keep you thoroughly entertained.


Festival of Voices Hobart

Festival of Voices – 30 June-16 July

The original idea for the Festival of Voices was to light a bonfire in the middle of the city and have a sing along.  Turns out, it was a great idea and the Big Sing Bonfire now attracts up to 5,000 people and is a centre piece for this festival that celebrates the amazing human voice.  Prepare yourself for spine tingling performances from popular artists, choirs and ensembles, a series of workshops that eventuate into a showcase performance at the Finale Concert and a really big, and warm, bonfire where you might come to spectate and find it irresistible to spectate.

Tas Whisky Week 

Whisky Week – 4-13 August 2017

From Hobart to Launceston and plenty in between, you will find a great variety of bold, old and new distilleries, bars, barns, stables, restaurants and hotels opening their doors to offer tours, tastings, masterclasses and meals that will start a gentle fire in your belly and enlighten you on the ways of the Tasmanian Whisky maker.


Southern Lights  

Otherwise known as the Aurora Australis, the Southern Lights put on a very special light show during the long dark Tasmanian Winter nights that star gazers, photographers and romantics alike travel the world to experience.

If you’re serious about this, check out the Aurora Australis Facebook group for great info, tips and sightings


Tasmania Walks

Winter Walks  

There is no better way to warm up and feel alive on a Winter’s day than to go for a big walk.  And when the walks includes majestic waterfalls, giant trees and ferns, cute furry animals, spectacular views and maybe even some fluffy white snow, you’ll wish it was Winter 12 months a year.  From easy strolls to physical challenges, bracing coastal hugging treks or mountain elevations, if you like a good walk, Tasmania is your place.

Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service has created a fantastic app called 60 Great Walks, that gives you detailed info on……you guessed it……..60 great walks.


Museum of Old and New Art  

Just in case you’ve been under a rock, there is a museum to end all museums in Hobart.  It’s full of art, old and new.  You’ll need at least a day to scratch the surface.

You’re going to want to see it.


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