YHA's definitive guide to Womadelaide Festival

From saving the big bucks on your ticket to festival fashion, what to bring and everything in between - our definitive lowdown on how to do Womadelaide in 2018 is going to have you shakin' the global beats like a pro.



If your idea of heaven is a lush green park on the edge of a pretty city filled with happy people enjoying the very best of music, dance, food and workshops from around the globe, then Womadelaide is your new heaven.

Four beautiful March days and nights, eight stages, hundreds of artists and a sense that, for at least this one weekend every year, everything is right in the world.

Follow our expert tips and you'll be in the Womadelaide swing in no time:

1. Commit to four days

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In our busy lives, four days seems like alot of time to dedicate to one festival.  But we're here to tell you - you deserve it.  So buy your ticket, clear your calendar and step into the Womadelaide world for the entire four day weekend.  You'll thank us!

YHA members - that's you - now save up to $60 off the four day passes

Grab tix here

2. Don't overplan

With so much to choose from, over so many stages, on so many days, the temptation is to obsess over the program and plan every last minute of your weekend.  But like travelling, that doesn't leave you any time for the unexpected gems.  So, by all means, choose some performances that you must see, but be sure to leave time to wander, stumble across a hidden secret, bumnp into old friends and just breathe in the atmoshere.

Here's the 2018 schedule 

3. Be a discoverer

With so many incredible performers from around the world to choose from, you might be surprised to find that you don't know a single name.  Don't let that put you off. Get in there and discover Cuba's favorite salsa band, New York's craziest punk klezma ensemble, an intimate quartet of Eastern European  classical performers or an Indian dance troupe that are so infectious that your dancing feet wont be able to resist.  The point is, Womadelaide is all about discovery - so go and blaze trails.

the 2018 lineup

4. Fashion

People watching and fashion spotting is off the charts!

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When planning your outfit(s) your main priority is comfort!  You're going to be on your feet, or sitting on the lawn, propping up a bar or dancing your socks off for many many hours.  But that doesn't mean you can't look good people. So why not express your inner festival diva and add a bit of colour, wear some flowers in your hair, tie a scarf around your neck and don't forget the hat.

Fashion inspo from past festival here

5. What to bring, what to bring

You'll be lost without - your wristband (that's your ticket in), valid ID, your YHA membership card (to prove you really are that cool - and deserve your massive discount), a hat, sunscreen, medication (especially asthma and hayfever suffers - it gets dusty), a picnic rug (if you're not fond of sitting on grass), a water bottle (refill stations abound) and some extra cash (shoppers! Womadelaide even has its very own global market place).

6. The changes

There's a very good chance, after four days of absolute multicoloured joy, you may notice some changes in yourself.  You will probably be happier, lighter, open to new experiences and more positive.  And there's a very good chance you will start planning your next Womadelaide adventure the day after its all over.

If only we could fit the entire population of the world into Womadelaide for that one weekend <sigh>

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